Natural Kissel Portion Packs, 20 g

Kissel has now turned into a cutting-edge product. It has preserved its genuineness and benefits for health, and today it is the one true alternative to such office drinks as coffee and tea, just as easy to make but much more nourishing and healthier:

  • Unique formula that consists of only natural ingredients and pieces sublimated fruit and
  • Instant product that requires no boiling: Just add hot (at least 85°С) boiled water from a kettle or water dispenser, mix well and set aside for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Easy to use portion packs: One pack is for one cup.
  • Well-balanced palette of flavors: Five kissel mixes with the most popular flavors.
  • Benefits for health: Our kissel mixes contain a powder made of Mexican chia seeds, a unique natural plant-based source of Omega-3 fatty acids, that may help to improve the work of nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems.
кисель абрикосовый трапеза

Apricot Kissel Mix

кисель вишневый трапеза

Cherry Kissel Mix

Кисель клубничный трапеза

Strawberry Kissel Mix

Кисель клюквенный трапеза

Cranberry Kissel Mix

Кисель малиновый трапеза

Raspberry Kissel Mix