Trapeza Kissel Mixes, 100 g

 Traditional Nutritious Dietary Beverage of Slavic Peoples

Kissel is the name of the traditional Russian food, oatmeal kissel. It was inherited by sweet fruit or berry kissels that appeared later, when potato and potato starch became widely spread in Russia. Oatmeal, rye, and wheat kissels are some of the most ancient Russian foods. They are more than 1000 years old. Kissel is a very nourishing beverage, high in calories due to the content of starch. It is a warming up drink packed with vitamins. Kissels has an alkalizing effect which is very good for people suffering from high acidity or gastritis and for gastric and duodenal ulcers. Kissels have long been considered a traditional Russian dietary beverage. A cup of kissel will not only warm you up in a cold weather but also help to recharge the batteries. Trapeza kissel mixes are a good alternative to tea or coffee.

Lingonberry Kissel Mix

Cherry Kissel Mix

Strawberry Kissel Mix

Cranberry Kissel Mix

Forest Berry Kissel Mix

Raspberry Kissel Mix

Fruit and Berry Kissel Mix