Baking Ingredients: Flour, soaking and frosting mixes

A line of ready-made baking, soaking, and frosting mixes under the trademark called Retsepty Vkusa (Flavor Recipes) and the slogan “Delicious. Trendy. Fast”.

Ready-made baking mixes from Retsepty Vkusa help to cook popular pastries such as fluffy sponge cakes, muffins, and fancy cookies quickly and with little efforts. For sponge cake, you will only need to add water. Muffin mixes are packed with natural fruit-and-berry or chocolate additives. Whole Grain Sugar Cookie Mix is the first flour baking product in the Russian market that is enriched with essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Together with our mixes, consumers will also get a pleasant surprise — a set of 12 uniquely designed muffin forms or a list of baking paper that will make it easier to cake a sponge cake or cookies. Soak ing mixes will make your cake moist, aromatic, and melting in the mouth. And frosting will decorate your cake or muffins. These mixes are so easy to use that even kids will be able to cook a delicious dessert.

Anyway, the main secret of Retsepty Vkusa ready-made baking mixes is that they can help you to create an atmosphere of warmth, coziness, and happiness in your house.

Irish Cream Cake Soaking Mix

Rum Cake Soaking Mix

Buttercream Frosting Mix

Cherry Frosting Mix

Chocolate Frosting Mix

Смесь «Маффины молочные с фруктово-ягодным ассорти» рецепты вкуса

Milk Fruit and Berry Muffin Mix

Смесь «Маффины молочные с яблоками и корицей» рецепты вкуса

Milk Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix

Смесь «Маффины шоколадные с черникой» рецепты вкуса

Chocolate Blueberry Muffin Mix

Смесь «Печенье сахарное со злаками» рецепты вкуса

Whole Grain Sugar Cookie Mix

Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix

Vanilla Sponge Cake Mix