Trapeza First Course Soup Mixes

  • ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The mixes contain carefully dried vegetables and greens, grains or pasta of the highest quality, best spices and herbs, and real sea salt.
  • MORE BENEFITS: No extracts, flavor enhancers, aromatizers, vegetable oils, and soya beans.
  • SIMPLE AND FAST: Cook a soup quickly and easily, just make a meat broth and stir in the mix with no washing, peeling or cutting. Cooking soup takes 60 to 130 minutes since you start making the broth — less than usually as we have prepared the required ingredients.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE: Our mixes are cheaper than the majority of other soups that require cooking.

 Карри со стручковой фасолью

 Крупник с курицей

 Овощной с охотничьими колбасками


 Томатный с макаронами и фрикадельками

 Фо Бо

Borscht Soup Mix

Pea & Smoked Meat Soup Mix

Buckwheat & Vegetable Soup Mix

Space Soup Mix

Chicken Soup Mix

Kulesh Soup Mix

Pickle Soup Mix

Solyanka with Bulgur Soup Mix

Tom Yum Soup Mix

Siberian Fish Soup Mix

Red Bean & Meatball Soup Mix

Kharcho Soup Mix

Lentil Tomato Soup Mix

Cabbage Soup Mix