Trapeza Second Course seasoning mixes are the first seasoning mixes for cooking various traditional dishes in multicookers. With Trapeza Second Course seasoning mixes, even amateur cookers will be able to cook hearty Russian style buckwheat or savory seafood risotto, pork with pineapples or vegetarian potato with mushrooms.

Trapeza Second Course technologists and REDMOND chefs have developed the formulas with just the right amounts of spices and herbs and tested every recipe. Takes the recommended amount of the required ingredients, and you will get an ideal balance of taste and flavor from the very first time!

It’s simple:
1. Prepare ingredients for the dish,
2. Add the corresponding Trapeza Second Course seasoning mix, and
3. Set the necessary program on your REDMOND multicooker or multikitchen.

Check the Redmond Club website for 5 branded Trapeza Second Course recipes: