By request from the customers of OZON and WILDBERRIES online stores, Trapeza has launched its variety packs of Trapeza Second Course seasoning mixes in branded boxes.

The boxes have a colorful design and a clear assortment navigation. They will fit in your pantry and help you organize your shelf with spices and seasonings with much more style and convenience.

Ассорти Трапеза На Второе

Trapeza is offering a number of variety packs with selected seasoning mixes for cooking popular and original second courses. We have grouped seasoning mixes by the type of the basic ingredient such as poultry, meat, fish, grains or pasta, and vegetables. It means that consumers may choose a box with assorted mixes for one type of the basic product such as Combo #2, Popular Meat Dishes, or for various types of products such as  Combo #3, Original Meat, Chicken, and Poultry Dishes.

The whole set of Trapeza Second Course variety packs may be found in OZON and WILDBERRIES online stores. Trapeza reminds that these seasoning mixes can simplify the process of cooking homemade food significantly and make it much more interesting and diverse.