In the upcoming year, Moscow will become the first city in the post-Soviet space to get into a Michelin Guide, the most famous restaurant rating in the world! 

In his interview to Interfax-Tourism, Gwendal Poullennec from Michelin said: “Russian gastronomic culture has been going through a new stage in its development for the Last 30 years. This is characterized by the emergence of talented chefs who cook from local products, signatures of the regions such as king crab from the Far East, halibut from the Murmansk region, the famous Borodinsky bread or sour cream, an ingredient of beef stroganoff as well as vegetables and aromatic seasonings that add uniqueness and special flavor to such national first courses as borscht or pickle soup.”

Трапеза совместно с брендом REDMOND разработала новые области применения маринадов и продлевает сезон шашлыков на весь год!

Trapeza fully supports this initiative of the highly authoritative Michelin Guides and reminds that Trapeza First Course mixes let you cook soups including those recognized as the national food, in a much easier and more convenient manner. Traditional Leningrad-style pickle soup, borscht and cabbage soup mixes have been created with maximum authenticity and will certainly delight every family member at the dinner table!