April 12 marks the 60th anniversary of the Yuri Gagarin’s historic travel into space!

In honor of this wonderful event, Trapeza First Course is launching something new—SPACE SOUP Mix that is positioned specifically for kids.

Марка «Трапеза На Первое» выпустила очередную новинку – смесь для супа «Космосупчик»

The mix contains all the ingredients required for making the soup including high-quality multi-colored pasta in the form of rockets, rovers and other space devices, carefully dried vegetables, some selected spices, and sea salt.

Space Soup Mix complies with the requirements of the Sanitary Rules and Regulations that apply to food products for children of preschool and school age in terms of composition and salt content.

The soup is fast and easy to cook. Just boil chicken meatballs to make the broth, add the Trapeza First Course Dry Soup Mix, and a delicious Space Soup for future space travelers is ready! 

Space Soup has a nice, familiar taste and flavor of chicken soup and will surely be also liked by elder members of your family.

You can find this new product in your local shops as well as online at OZON and WILDBERRIES.