Customers have been asking for large packs of our all-purpose seasoning blend for a very long time, and we have finally done what we have been asked for! We are proud to introduce you our Trapeza All-Purpose Seasoning Blend in the new 375 g packaging.

It is a mixture of specially prepared and carefully preserved dried vegetables, herbs and spices for first and second courses including soups, garnishes, sauces, and salads that will make them taste richer and more expressive. All Purpose Seasoning Blend has been known and widely used starting from as early as 1967 when it first appeared in the Soviet Union. Trapeza All Purpose Seasoning Blend will help you cook a delicious hot dish fast and easy and enrich your ratio with vitamins, minerals, essential oils, polysaccharides and other nutritious elements of vegetable food. The seasoning blend contains salt and may be used instead of usual kitchen salt when cooking hot dishes.