On November 20, 2012 in the Novosibirsk office of METRO Cash & Carry, OOO Trapeza was awarded the annual METRO Quality Award as the best regional supplier within the framework of the Days of Regional Suppliers campaign.

That was the 5th year of awarding this award to 45 suppliers of METRO Cash & Carry all around Russia. Suppliers were evaluated on such criteria as the quality of goods, timely deliveries, and progressive business practices.

The award was handed out in a solemn atmosphere by Yulia Bazhenova (Director of METRO Cash & Carry shopping center in Novosibirsk) and Larisa Yarkova (Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Development for the Novosibirsk Region, Head of the Directorate for the Regulation of Consumer Market and Services Sector).

“This METRO Award is another very important assessment of the correctness of our path to product quality and modern principles and methods of working with clients and customers,” said Sergei Elovatsky, Director of OOO Trapeza. “We have been working with METRO Cash & Carry in Novosibirsk since they have opened their first store, and over the years we have proved the right to be called the best with our products and stable work. We will continue to delight our customers and develop long-term relations with METRO.”


Most of the products on the shelves of METRO shopping centers in all the regions of Russia are provided by local manufacturers and suppliers. Goods from regional suppliers account for up to 80% of the METRO Cash & Carry portfolio depending on the product category. Quality of goods, timely deliveries, and advanced business practices play a determining role in cooperation of METRO Cash & Carry with its suppliers. Starting from 2007, the company has been determining its best suppliers and awarding them with METRO Quality Mark—METRO Quality Award.

In 2012, the best suppliers were awarded with METRO Quality Award within the framework of the annual campaign called the Days of Regional Suppliers that was hold in every regional shopping center of METRO Cash & Carry from the 18th to the 25th of November. The campaign was focused on promoting goods from regional suppliers. During the period of the campaign, METRO Cash & Carry offered special prices for local products as well as tastings and culinary master classes with the goods from regional suppliers.

“Cooperation with local manufacturers in every region of our presence is one of the priorities of METRO Cash & Carry. By promoting the products of regional suppliers in our shopping centers, we ensure a regular supply of fresh, high-quality products at competitive prices to our professional clients,” said Pieter Boone, Managing Director, METRO Cash & Carry, Russia. “We are happy to award METRO Quality Award for the fifth time and express our gratitude to our reliable partners in 45 cities of Russia. Without their contribution to our common cause, the regional development of METRO Cash & Carry would not have been so successful.”

Awarding ceremonies took place in METRO shopping centers in 45 cities with the participation of the managers of the shopping centers, representatives of the municipal and regional administrations, and regional mass media. The winning suppliers expressed their gratitude for the opportunities provided in the process of their cooperation with METRO Cash & Carry. The representatives of the administrations stressed the importance of supporting local manufacturers. And METRO Cash & Carry expressed their confidence in developing cooperation with regional suppliers in the future, expansion of their portfolio, and their interest in increasing the share of local products on the shelves of their shopping centers. The best 45 suppliers of METRO Cash & Carry were awarded with commemorative diplomas and statuettes of the 5th Annual METRO Quality Award 2012.